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The best choice for your trucks and trailers


Our Truck Service Shops

Meet us at one of our Truck Service Shop at Ooigem, Avelgem, Tournai or Mouscron in order to benefit from our truck services.


Multi Brands

We don't have limits. We are able to repair all brands of trucks, trailers or commercial vehicles.


Professional skills

Eeckhout Cardoen hires trained technicians and truck mechanics who are willing to stay on top of the latest technology in the truck industry through ongoing best training. 


Repairs at fair price

We perform all repairs in-house so quality control can be monitored. We always try to repair a mechanic piece before to change it in order to keep your bill cost low.


Non-Stop Breakdown Service

Do you or your driver has problems on the road? Call us ! We will send you immediately someone to help you.


Our story

Since 1995, we are recognized as 1 Stop Service for all Truck brands.  Any Trucks, tractor trailers or commercial vehicles can come in our truck service to get some repairs or maintenance.


For us, the customer is central. That is why, we always provide a personal approach. Our mission is to provide you the best service in your interest. Our mission is to serve your interests. It’s only with your agreement, we proceed repairs or replace the mechanics piece. If you need a particular maintenance contract, we can provide it.


Moreover, thank to our Non-stop breakdown service, we will not let neither your vehicle nor your driver on the roadside.